My body hates mes

Today, all day - except while I took a nap - my body has been screaming at me. It's acting like a toddler who isn't getting the toy they want at Toys 'R' Us. I can't really blame it, yesterday was a torture-a-thon.

Started out a bit early for me on a Saturday. At 7 I was up and getting ready to go to the Smithville Trails for some trail work. This week, Earthriders is having their monthly meeting up there, so we're in the process of sprucing the trails up for everyone. One of the things that I've been wanting to do is build a solid rock trail crossing on one of the places that constantly has water issues. With the help of my Dad, I just about got it in yesterday... He's amazingly helpful when the alternative is helping my Mom clean out the garage :D

Spending half a day positioning 50 - 100 pound rocks is enough for anybody, but not me. I followed this up with a 2 hour alley cat race. I managed to stay out of the top ten (mainly because 5 of the restaurants I stopped at for take-out menus didn't have any, but I'm not bitter!) in the race, and managed to pull the slowest time in the time trial. Note to self: work on balancing things on your back and handlebars before the next alley cat. What can I say, though? I have a string of last place finishes I needed to defend :)

If you're interested, I have some pictures up on MeAndTravis. A few local blogger/cyclists were represented: Stuabio tries to look mean, and Vlad pulls off the mean look, and I look goofy trying to ride a chopper. And of course, what race would be complete without some road rash?

If that wasn't enough punishment for my body, I headed out to a wedding reception 'til 1. No biggie, except I'm normally be bed by 11 (I'm a barrel of monkey's worth of fun, really!). So now my body's screaming at me. Hopefully it'll be better by tomorrow. I'll be commuting by bike in to work, so if nothing else I'll give it a few more reasons to be pissed.

Porn update: I'm now numero uno in Google's mind when it comes to lake of the ozarks porn. I got a few more visitors over the weekend.