Recent updates

Wow... I've had a dozen things I've wanted to post about, but just no time. I've got five minutes right now while my computer at work finishes downloading the most recent updates. Hard drive went out the midddle of last week and I've just got it back up and running today.

Seems like I just haven't had much time for anything. I kicked around the idea of doing a new Tour de France Blog, but I'm not going to be able to devote as much time to it this year as I did last. You'll have to rely on sites like and others for their excellent coverage.

There's a lot going on right now - unfortunately that's about all I can say. Kind of stinks being someone who supports openness - open source, open government - but right now is not the time. It is the place, just not yet...

In the meantime, I'll try to keep something on the site from time to time... 30 seconds to go. Timed that perfect.