Who's frustrated now?

I normally don't quote Fired Up. Roy's great, but sometimes his bias is almost too overwhelming - and this is coming from someone who agrees with most of what he has to say. Anyway, this post on the Medicaid cuts really got my attention. Here's the highlights from a memo he quotes:

As we implement Medicaid changes required by Senate Bill 539 and House Bill 11, we continue to receive concerns from legislators about clients who call them about the changes.... While any citizen may feel free to call their legislator, it is inappropriate for staff to make this type of referral in response to questions about the client?s eligibility.... With legislative work complete, a legislator is not able, at this time, to change the law or the budget that resulted in the specific change. Thus, referring to a legislator may only result in frustration for everyone. (emphasis mine, full version)

Umm... Yeah, we should never have state employees saying, "Hey, I just enforce the rules, if you don't like 'em here's who you should call to get them changed." I really feel sorry for those poor, blessed souls in Jeff City. They're just twiddling their thumbs, not able to do a damn thing like making and changing laws. And it's just so frustrating to have to deal with the people who "elected" you. I mean they didn't even vote last time around, and now they think they have the right to call and complain that you're not doing a good job representing them. The gaul of those complainers. It's almost as if they feel they should have a voice... You know, like in a representative democracy.

Seriously though, if this memo can be substantiated I hope one of the papers and/or TV outlets in Missouri will stomp this Janel Luck. In the meantime, feel free to let her know how you feel at, (not sure which one is valid), or give her a ring at 573-751-3124 (all this info is publicly available online here and here). You should also contact your state rep.