Incoming folk from Free Repulic

Someone decided to post Mathes' Christian Extremism today on the Free Republic under the pretense of fact or fiction. The poster probably was trying to figure out if it was for real. Like me, he probably thought that it was so extreme, so radical, that it had to be the work of some ghost writer with a chip on his shoulder and was wanting to put the issue to rest. Any and someone linked to me as a response to his Allah or Jesus rant.

Very cool...

Edit... Actually, no such luck on the guys intentions. Instead, "RUSHLUVER" (should have been the give away there) post this as his response to a personal email Mathes' sent him:

Dear Rick Mathes

Don't worry I am aware of how liberal Snopes is. In fact I'm aware of how liberal most internet search engines ie google are as well. We are fighting a massive disinformation program from the left. They are losing their control over the mainstream media but are trying to keep control over information disseminated over the internet. The United States is fighting a real hot war against Islamo-facists for our very survival and unfortunately they are receiving aid and comfort by the left.Dont let the left stop you.

I believe you and I wil forward your email AS FACT to everyone in my address book.If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.God Bless you. Keep fighting the fight

Umm... Yeah. Isn't it cool how this guy and Mathes get to claim all sorts of things without a shread of evidence to back up what they're saying?