Which way does jet lag work?

Surely a two hour flight between Phoenix and KC isn't enough for jet lag...? It probably has more to do with the 1:30'ish AM arrival at KCI. Yeah, that's the last time I think "oh, it's only midnight, that's not too bad." Apparently, in the time it took for me to check my luggage and walk to my gate a monsoon storm come up that was bad enough to stop all incoming traffic for about an hour. I knew I was in for a long night when they announce about 10 minutes before my plane was supposed to arrive "flight ####, the plane going to Kansas City is now in the air and should be here in time for an 8:13 departure." I believe it was closer to night MST before we actually took off.

Anyhow... I'm still beat even with a lot of sleep.

In other news - talk about a lackluster lead-in - I'm bidding adieu to Kansas City. I haven't landed on a specific date, but I'm looking at some time over the next month or two. KC has been great to me, but I've got sand in my blood and I've got an opporunity to head out Phoenix way. I'm not sure that I'll end up in Phoenix proper, some place like Flagstaff might be fun.

These are the "minor" details I'll be working out over the coming weeks. I'm probably going to make at least one more trip out there before I move to get a place lined up. This next trip will probably be with bike in hand. This past weekend, I kept thinking how much fun this road would be on a road bike, or that trail on a mountain bike, etc., etc. It was hard to see sand and rocks and real climbs for the first time in over a year and a half and not be able to take advantage of it.