I will never shop at WalMart again

Dear WalMart,

Ok... this does it. I am never, ever, shopping at your stores again. Period.

Yesterday was the first time I was there in months. A lady asked for a jump and your store happened to be closer than home or any other auto parts store - you know, those "speciality" stores we used to have before you ran them all out of business? - that I could think of to go pick up a pair of jumper cables, so I went in and bought a set. I will be taking them back in the next day or so, then I will never set foot in one of your stores again.

Why? Because of this (quoted from this article):

Debbie Shank stocked shelves at a Wal-Mart store in Cape Girardeau, Mo., until five years ago, when her minivan was hit by a tractor-trailer. Her Wal-Mart health insurance paid the medical bills....

Brain damage forces her to use a wheelchair and limits her upper body movement to one arm and two fingers. It stole her memory and her ability to talk to her husband and three sons.

Now the Shanks face a new obstacle. Her Wal-Mart health insurance plan wants the lawsuit money to repay its costs.

Last week, the health plan sued Debbie Shank in federal court in St. Louis, demanding the full $417,000 she got in the civil suit - plus at least $51,000 more from the share that already went to lawyers and costs.

To this, I say a hardy "go screw yourself with a splintered broom". I'm done. I know me as one individual won't make a bit of difference to your "competitiveness", or your bottom line, but there are others like me...

There are people who are fed up with being dictated to. We're tired of disappearing in acres of "The low price" with that cheap marketing creation of yours smirking back at us. We're tired of seeing entire commercial districts of towns shut down because they can't compete with your modern version of rape and pillage. Yes, there are other's like me. And there are people who will be done with you once they know the effect you have. Together, we'll drive you from our lives the way we've ridded ourselves of every other disease and malady that we've created.

Have a nice day and enjoy your time as the giant you are, it is limited.