This is just too funny

Man... You do not want to get on the Plaza Chick's bad side... :D

The comments are outragous. I read her post earlier this morning when it popped into my feed reader, and didn't think about checking back to see how the comments went until this evening when I noticed she posted again. The funniest comments are from Katie's @ 1:35 through JC's @ 1:51.

Seriously... it goes from

JC @ 1:39
Katie..whatever....I think you are one of those fat miserable women that can only get laid on nickel draw night at the local pub


JC @ 1:51
Katie...just looked at your blog...ok...well I am man enough to accept my are can be seen from your pictures. Do you date older guys?

So it takes 12 minutes to go from, "you're a fat miserable bitch" to "hey, wanna hang out sometime?". Seriously, though, that "you are pretty" thing, just gets me all verklempt... r-really b-b-beautiful, man.

Note to self

Don't forget to check the Chick's comments from time to time. There's some hilarious gems hidden in there.