Quote of the day

I'm not ragging on you, I just wanted you to get the fuck out of the way. - anonymous motorist

To get the full effect, imagine a guy around 60, with a beard that hasn't been trimmed length wise he was in high school, a face weathered by years in the sun and manual labor, wearing clothes and worn ball cap to match, hanging out of the side of a pick-up with a commercial bed (the kind with the built-in toolbox and places to hang things like laddars) with a water cooler attached at the back.

The above yelled to me today as I finished up a ride by a guy after I informed him that I had every much of a right to be on the road as he did after he told me to get on the other side of the white line. Oddly enough, the white line deliniated a right turn only lane and I was going straight. Funny how that works, being in the lane that where you're supposed to be going. The scary part, I think he was being sincere.