God Bless the Atheist

I don't normally post comments I make on other blogs as a main post here, but I thought the comment to this post was worthwhile...

  • ... hundreds killed or mamed when Christians bombed each other in Ireland
  • ... thousands slaughtered when Christians followed the orders of politically challenged Popes and invalided the middle east
  • ... tens of thousands of his own people maimed or killed when a Christian President ordered the overthrow of a dictator
  • ... tens of thousands of another country maimed or killed when a Christian President ordered the overthrow of a dictator
  • ... the doctors and nurses killed when Christians bombed an abortion clinic.
  • ... untold hundreds harassed, beat, and in some cases killed when Christians got uncomfortable with someone else's sexuality

I could go on... but lets move to the next one.

  • ... 91 people killed when Jews blew up the King David Hotel in July of '46 in a bid for indepdence from a foreign power they deemed an "occupier" (sounds vaguely familiar, huh?)
  • ... more than 10,000 killed during the Six Days War when Jews seized the Gaza Strip
  • ... countless number of civilians have had their lives altered by living under an occupying force and the constant threat of violence under Jewish authority in the occupied territories

Shall we continue down this path? How 'bout the people we call "fanatics", but who in their day were closer to mainstream than is comfortable to remember.

  • ... millions of Jews killed at the hands of a white supremist who believed he was carrying out divine plan.
  • ... thousands of blacks hung by Christians believing they were protecting themselves from savages.
  • ... thousands tortured and killed by Christians for being heretics.
  • ... twenty, including an ordained minister, killed by Christians after being convicted of witchcraft.
  • ... more than two thousand killed in a surprise attack by soliders believing their emperor was god.
  • ...twenty million more or less - as in 20,000,000-/+ - killed on all sides because conditions were allowed to exist in which countries felt they could only work out their differences and correct the wrongs done them with the barrel of a gun or the bomb bay of a bomber - every side believing their god was supreme and would see their side to victory.

See a common theme here? I think I'll be boycotting all religious stamps from the USPS. "God bless the Atheist... For he kills not in Your name." (shirts coming soon...)