Something new in need of a second opinion

I'm back in Kansas City now. Great trip and I'm surprised I don't have a cold this morning. Yesterday when I left Phoenix it was in the upper 90s - when I got back here it was in the 50s! Before you say anything about that being oppressively hot, it's not. I wore a long sleeved shirt on Tuesday and it was up over 100. It didn't feel any worse than mid to upper 80s with a lot of humidity here.

Anyhow, that's not what I'm looking for some commentary on. I'm out in Phoenix with a group of mostly guys in my industry (read: a bunch of programming geeks) for some pizza and beer (Fat Tire + tap + cold mug = mmm). The waitress is cute and has what I swore was an east Texas accent though I missed it by about 1000 miles to the NW - she was from Colorado. She said she gets that a lot though, so thankfully it wasn't the New Belgium messing up my hearing. I'm familiar with beer goggles, but beermuffs? Apparently, yes, but they are rarely sighted with Google only know of 40 in the wild. I digress, back to my story.

Here's the part that threw me... I'm giving her back the "merchant copy" of my receipt:

Are you seeing anybody?
Cute Waitress: (sheepishly, not as in "eww, that creep with a mullet just asked me out" - inside joke) Yeah...
Me: Ahh... Is it serious?
CW: Well... yes and no.
Me: Yes and no?
CW: Well, more yes than no.
Me: Oh, well ok.
CW: But you can check back with me...

This was followed by her giving me her work schedule...

Two questions. First, what the hell does "yes and no" mean? There's a hundred different ways to read that. Second, what's with the "check back with me"? Sort of reminds me of a relationship voicemail: "I'm sorry, but someone else is currently occupying my time, if you'd like to leave your name and number, I'll call you just as soon as I get loose interest... *beep*" Did I mention I don't care for voicemail/answering machines? Yeah, yeah, I know it's not that bad and I imagine she didn't quite mean it like that. Given the previous yes and no comment and the fact that she knows my timetable to moving to the area (a month by the way), its entirely possible that Mr. Yes and No has a few more weeks to from Mr. Yes and No to Mr. Yes or he'll be on the street, but still it was a weird answer and one I haven't gotten before.

Anyhow, I know there's a few women out there who read this site, so feel free to answer my questions. Remember, she's not local so you should feel no solidarity with her. ;)