Update on the impending move...

As I've posted before, I'm on my way out of Kansas City. The past few days in Phoenix were used to find a place to live. I've got everything lined up now, and will be heading out for Fountain Hills, AZ (the Wikipedia entry) the end of October.

While I was out there, I went up to Flagstaff, AZ. Talk about a cool town. Everybody was on bikes it seemed. There was a lot of tourist traffic still with people trying to get out of the heat of Phoenix, but it was still a great place. Saturday night, I ate at the Beaver Street Brewery. Their pizza was amazing and the beer was pretty tasty as well. What made the night though was their Katrina fundraiser. All of profits from Saturday were being donated to the relief effort and all the waiters and waitresses were throwing in their tips. The service was outstanding, so he would have gotten a good tip anyhow, but with the moneys going to charity he got what I imagine was probably one of his larger tips of the evening - somewhere around 50% of the bill.

Sunday was spent up in the Grand Canyon (I'll post pictures soon), and Prescott, AZ. Cool little town, but I think I liked the atmosphere of Flagstaff better.

The rest of the time was spent wondering around Phoenix, checking out apartments and the like. It's a cool city. A ton of people, but a cool city nonetheless.