Busy week and some new bike porn

I can't believe it's Friday. I had planned to have more of my stuff packed by now, but by the time I get to the evening I'm looking to just veg out. This means I get to spend the majority of my weekend packing so I can make up for lost time. I've just about got all my non-essential bike shop type stuff packed. Except for books, that's the biggest part of my stuff I have to round up and get packed and ready.

You know... I kind of enjoy the post-move part of the move. The new place, new people, new things to do; all that's great. The packing part though... I could do without it.

On the bike front, I've got a new ride. A few weeks back my road bike's rear shifter checked out. I was planning on buying a new bike the first part of next year, so I thought it was kind of dumb to sink $250 or so into a bike I'm getting ready to hang up. A couple shops later I found a great deal on pretty much what I wanted. Had the Ultegra groupo and was carbon... Meet my new TCR Limited:

Travis' TCR Limited

Ok, so that isn't exactly my bike, but it's what it looks like. With a different saddle, pedals, and my Forerunner on the handlebars. One of these days I'll actually get around to taking some pictures of it and la arana and posting them.