Quick update...

Less than a week to go... I'm excited. I've found the best way to describe it is anxious anticipation. I can't wait to be back "home" in the desert, but it is going to be wierd being half a country away from my family.

I'm down to the final things to pack - my books, my bikes, and my computers. I started my books today and all of my miscellaneous biking stuff is already packed up. I still have all my bikes out though, and hope to get in another ride before I head out west. With the weather of late, I don't think it's going to cooperate.

Back to the grindstone. I need to get my room back to some semblance of ordered so I have room to sleep tonight. If you're curious what my nephew looks like, check out these pictures I took the other day. My favorites are this one and this one - I just wish the first one was in focus, but he was moving so fast I couldn't keep him perfectly in focus. I have to give Pappy props on the idea for the border. He uses a different aspect ratio than I do, but I love the black band idea.