God Bless Mr. Cuervo...

And whoever "hecho" him the first time. I got introduced the hard way to the "Waterfall" in South Mountain tonight. I didn't actually do Waterfall, which would have been a better story - but such is life. Anyhow, at the bottom of it there's a little rock shelf that I just climbed up and we've seen the Waterfall, Brett did the Waterfall, I walked it, now it's time to go back. So I hop on my bike, and start going. I'm not exactly sure what happened next - I know I stalled out and went down... knee first.

Wait, I just re-read that and it sounds like I blacked out. I didn't. I was fully aware the whole time. Nothing got broken and I rode out under my own power. Shell shocked and pussing out on everything steeper than 6", but still under my own power.

Ok, so back to the wreck. I'm on top of this little rock shelf like thing. It's off camber, and when I stall out, I fall to the off camber - naturally. When I come to the unintentially abrupt stop, I'm now about 18" lower than where my bike was when I started. Being the trained National Mountain Bike Patroler that I am really helped out. I knew all of the proper curses and the correct order in which to say them. I start checking myself to make sure everything's ok. I notice a nice little patch of blood coming from my knee and start checking it. You know you've had a bad one when the guy behind you sees you checking your wound and asks "Is it bone or blood". :D

After that, I just couldn't get my mojo on on the downhill. I walked a ton of stuff I know I can bomb through, but such is the way it goes. If you don't have your mojo, you're walking.

Back to Mr. Cuervo - I got home and after 40 minutes of driving my legs gotten nice and stiff and has the dull ache to it. Rather than start popping bills, I remembered the bottle of Jose Cuervo I picked up the other night at the store. It did quite nicely helping ease the pain. Now it's started me wondering. Would it work as a preventative medicine? Of course, I'd have to figure out how to get home after the ride, but a shot before hand would give it plenty of time to work its way through my system and give me the full benefit of deadening any pain prior to the pain actually happening. This might require further study. :D

Actually, Big D and Smokin' Ray should have plenty of field experience with this - I'll just ask them for proper doses, the amount of time prior to the ride that it should be taken for maximum effectiveness, etc. I'm sure through trial and error they've got it worked out.

Author's NoteNo - I'm not drunk. Happily buzzed from my half shot, yes. Drunk, no. And yes... it only takes a half shot to give me a nice buzz. One of the nice (bad?) things of having a body fat around 10% - alcohol will do its thing quickly.