Driven to my wits end...

Ok... I finally snapped. No longer will comments be allows from sites that have URLs. Sorry, I know of at least three of you that comment from time to time that have blogspot blogs. Just don't include your website address and you'll be fine.

The reason for this? About the gazillionth comment spam from "" this morning. I literally spent 45 minutes cleaning out spam from the last week. There were probably three dozen different blogspot blogs that were being used to spam the site. The problem was that they would leave one or two comments and that was it. It wasn't like the sitewide spam where you get 100 of the same address that's easy to pick out, these were individual ones that you have to go through and delete... one, by one, by one, by one. So, no more blogspot. If you're really pissed, feel free to complain to blogspot about their shoddy verification process.

Author's noteSorry if this seems a little bitchy. It's 8 AM here and I've officially been up for more than 6 hours... That coupled with the nearly 1,500 spam emails I've received in the last week (all of which were generated by some moron who has a domain51 email address in their address book and has an infected computer and won't get it fixed because they are too dumb, lazy, or some combination of the two), the 450 or so comment/trackback spams I got on my blogs, and the fact taht I woke up at 1:30 and tossed and turned until 4...I think I'm a wee bit entitled.