One hundred thousand foot man

Welp, I hit my goal - and in traditional Travis fashion, I did it in a big kind of way. I climbed (well, pushed a bit... hey, I was on my 40 pound Bullit!) Sunrise from the east - less than 2 miles and 1,000 vertical feet. Oh yeah, and I rode to the trailhead from my house (nearly 1,000 up and over by itself). Total for the day: 2,346 gained in 11.83 miles.

So, the grand totals for the year:

Saddle TimeMilesClimbedDescended
85 hours (approx)*1,181.52 miles102,158 feet103,451 feet

I say approximate on the saddle time because I goofed a few times when I first got my GPS and have a couple of nearly 100 rides...

And what did I do when I got through finishing up two days of climbing and my first (known) 100,000 foot year? I when another semi-epic ride. 23.72 miles - on my Sugar this time - and back over to the Sonoran Mtn. Perserve. Since I didn't see enough of it the first time, I did all of the trails I know about, including Sunrise from the West.

Sunrise climb

And then descended down the west side again:

Sunrise West Descent

The descent is definitely much more enjoyable on the Bullit than on the Sugar, although pushing the Bullit up the climbs is a pain. Anyhow, what a way to ring in the new year. 3 days of riding and 9,810 feet of climbing. Did a mention my legs are a little heavy today?