New Random CafePress Item plugin

The attentive eye will notice the new "From My Store" block in the sidebar. I've created a plug-in for the Phoenix version b2evolution that displays links to random CafePress items from any number of CafePress stores. The code to handle the CafePress portion is based on Andrew Collington's CafePress Box. I made a modification to make it work with my cpshop CGI script instead of linking directly to CafePress so I can make things look more "branded".

Anyhow, the new plugin system in Phoenix is great. There's still some undocumented features (like the SkinTag() method that I'm using), but once those get in place this will be a pretty useful system. Now we just need a nice UI for installing them and we're set.

As soon as I have a few more free moments to package this up, I'll add it to the plugins site.