My body is a cruel mistress...

I can barely keep my eyes open so I go to sleep. I listen to my body, and it wakes me up at 1 in the morning as if it's 8 AM and time to get up. If I would have pushed through the tiredness, I would have been up 'til midnight and tired in the morning when I woke up. The last few weeks my body just can't seem to figure out which way is up. One minute I'm tired, the next I'm wide awake. One minute I can't concentrate enough to read an email start to finish, the next I feel as though I could write a treatise on the cause of global poverty and its solutions (imperialistic (aka, "free market") capitalism is in large part the cause and the introduction of economic protectionism in smaller markets while keeping large markets (US, western Europe, etc.) more open is part of the solution in case you're wondering...).

Ugg... must. get. sleep.