Hairball Run rendering

For all my cycling fans (all, what? three or four of you?) I thought you might appreciate this:

Hairball Run at Phoenix Mountain Perserve

This was my first time on a mountain bike ride in three weeks, and the first time on a bike in almost two. I've been trying to kick an allergy cold, just hasn't been working. Anyhow, the lesson learned is that a TNHBMR is not the way to make a comeback. I had a heartrate reading at one point of 207. For my readers who don't know what an average heart rate should be, for someone who's fit you generally take 220 minus their age to figure out their max heart rate. Now I knew my was a tad over 200 (at least with this HRM), but 207?! That's bordering on heart explosions.

Anyhow, once I recovered (if you can ever call any part of a ride with an average heart rate of 182 as "recovered"), it was a blast. This was the first time I've had my big bike out on any serious trails. That baby will go anywhere. I seriously remember thinking "oh shit, just hang on" when I saw a few of the drops.

The irony of the night thought was that this was my first time out with leg armor on a ride... My legs are kind of long, I've got the 6'+ versions Troy Lee's big pads and they didn't cover my entire shin. So I get back from the ride, and literally, right at the point where the skin is exposed, I've got two 1" scraps from a rock or tree or something. To quote one of the other three brave souls who made the ride Tuesday: "irony is so ironic".