This stream of consciousness brought to you by Smirnoff...

I should know better than drunk typing, but... So you can't say you weren't forewarned.

I've been making some guest appearances on another website for the last few days. I choose a friend's site to come out about my cross dressing ways. It just felt more comfortable that way, unlike the pearl thong I was wearing that day. They're fun to play with, but just not that practical for long term wear.

Seriously though, do you ever feel like you're being ganged up on? I seem to attract this odd following of female bloggers who love to pick on me. In KC it was the Superfical Plaza Chick, and now that I've moved out here I've moved on from monogamous "being-picked-on" relationships to swinging relationship where everybody is taking there shot tag team style... In no particular order:

And the topper - I tagged Planet Crimson with a "Travis was here" (which in all fairness, I really think I would have been more creative), and I have had a blogged dedicated (at least parenthetically - a gold star for me, I spelled it right the first time and I'm drunk) to "picking on [me]".

Oh I feel the love... much like a celebrity does when they're being stalked.