I must be really sick...

... or I've subconsciously slipped into spring training mode. Today was the first time that I can remember where I was barely able to stomach a half a pizza. I normally can eat 3/4ths no problem, and most days I can eat a whole one. Today at lunch the second piece was agony to finish - all the grease, seemed so heavy, just felt bad going down.

I guess this is my body's way of telling me to shape up. I've actually been in bed at a decent hour every night and the latest I've woken up is 7:30 and today I woke up at a quarter to 7 beating my alarm up. I guess now that my body's back in a circadian rhythm, it wants good food.

Here comes Gallup tomorrow!

Author's NoteFor my non-cyclist readers, spring training mode for me generally involves eating much better and finally getting out of the bad habits I got into over the winter: eating poorly, drinking more than I should, not riding as much as I should, etc. It's normally accompanied by a drop in body fat into the sub-10 range along with a drop in weight.