New wheels are on the way

There's nothing like having the wind at your back on a climb. Except, being the optimistic pessimist that I am, I kept thinking how much the ride back into Fountain Hills was going to suck. It did. I averaged over 20 mph on the ride out - and that included a crosswind climb of the McDowell Mtn. Park road - and was somewhere just over 17 on the way back.

One of the cool things about the ride out was being able to hear my tires humming on the pavement. You could tell and audible difference between riding on paint and asphalt. On the ride back, I could barely hear myself think.

But on to the title - I called up Dave at SpeedDream wheels today and we're all set for my secret weapon come race day. So it's just between us. Cool? ;)

For the cyclist readers: I'm running an old style American Classic front hub with a Hope Pro 2 on the rear, Stan's ZTR 355's with the spoke combination that Dave recommended, 14/15 on the drive side and an ovalized 15 on the none-drive side. Should be lightweight and durable. If the nearly 100 reviews are any indication, these wheels should be bomb proof.