Bill Napoli

Just helping do my part to get Bill Napoli the recognition he deserves. Why you might ask? Because Bill Napoli has given us a new euphemism.

Quote from PBS
BILL NAPOLI: A real-life description to me would be a rape victim, brutally raped, savaged. The girl was a virgin. She was religious. She planned on saving her virginity until she was married. She was brutalized and raped, sodomized as bad as you can possibly make it, and is impregnated. I mean, that girl could be so messed up, physically and psychologically, that carrying that child could very well threaten her life.

What a winner. See what happens when you let the whites into the Dakotas? :crazy:

My questions, if she's raped and was "religious" but wasn't planning on saving herself for marriage, should an abortion be an option in that case? Is that "saving her virginity until she married" the key thing? What about if she's not religious but was planning on "saving her[self]"? Are they both required in tandem, or is one or the other enough? And if she's not a virgin? Is virginity required? What about sodomy, is it required? That seems to be the threshold thing here as that's when it becomes "as bad as you can possibly make it". So Napoli, the comments are open, feel free to clarify yourself.