Work those legs

Ouch. It's been over two and a half years since I've done a major leg work out. Again, ouch! I forgot what it's like to feel weird walking around when it wasn't caused by alcohol. So my brute force strength in my legs is not where it used to be. The last I remember I was able to do an incline leg press of nearly 300 lbs.; tonight it was at 200 lbs.

So you might be asking yourself, leg workouts on weights two weeks before a month of racing? I wasn't going to, but I've decided to treat all of these upcoming races as tune-up races. Don't get me wrong, I want some strong finishes, but I'm going to treat them like most people would treat January or February races: I'm going to work on weights and strength training right through them. I'm trying to mix it up with the weights plus the weekly crits and near weekly mountain bike racing in April to build a really strong base. Then in May and June I'll start spending more time on the bike and start phasing out the weight workouts. July will start off with two more tune up races and then some maintenance and build-up to the Norba Marathon National Championship in the first weekend in August.

That actually puts me in a perfect position to be nice and recovered and peaking again for the Road Apple Rally - the NMORS Finals - and the 24 Hours of Moab. I was kind of hoping I could pull off the 24 Hours of Landahl as that was the course I did my first timed endurance race, but that might be pushing it if I really focus on the national championship.

Man, I'm thinking about races in August and October in the first week of March! I must either be really crazy or have racing in my blood. :>>