Wheels are ready tomorrow!

So when I talked to Dave earlier in the week about my new wheels he said to give him a call Friday or so to make sure everything got in and that he'd be able to build up the wheels without any delay. I told him I wasn't in a big hurry, but that I was going to be racing on them in a few weeks at Nova to which he said "ok, I'll mark them as ASAP and should have them by for you by next Tuesday." So I call him up today to check in on them.

Yeah, I've got everything together for them and I'm going to build them tonight. I'll drop them off at the shop tomorrow morning for you.

Oh yeah! Sweet! These are hand built, super light, super tough wheels (from everything I've read about them) and they're a few hundred bucks cheaper than CrossMax's from Mavic. And the turn around is literally 3 days to get them! Dave's my hero!

The only problem is that there's a 90% chance of rain tomorrow, so I probably won't get to ride them. No bother though, that'll give me a chance to get them setup and I want to run new shifter cables on my Sugar anyway. As soon as I get a chance to take 'em for a spin, I'll post up my initial thoughts.

Oh, and if you see me in the next day or so and it looks like I'm walking funny, I am. The reason: it's called a gym and they would be better called houses of self-inflicted torture and torturing devices.