When it rains it pours

Ok - so I move to Phoenix two weeks after a drought starts. Rain is a vague memory by this time. But today... Today, I get new wheels for my bike and what does it do? Nothing... well, except for rain all day! If I'm lucky I'll get in some riding tomorrow on the road, but my new wheels will get stuck in the stable for a bit while the ground dries up. This should actually be great for Nova in a few weeks, but still. Couldn't it have waited until tomorrow or Monday?

Now that I have the wheels, I have the actual weight on them: 737g for the front and 889g for the rear for a grand total of 1626 grams. For those keeping track, that's 2/3rd of a pound lighter than Bontrager's Race Disc and even more than their Race Lite Disc (don't ask me, Race Lite wheels are heavier). Throw in that I'm cutting weight for the rim tape and strip in the Bontragers and I start getting really close to dropping a pound in rotational weight. I really can't wait to get on some dirt and try these babies out.