Tuesday Ride & Wednesday Night Crit Recap

So it's a few days after the fact, but at least I am updating. This week's crits still hurt, but not as bad as the first week. That said, I ended both of them a lap down. I did what I set out to accomplish in the C race, rode near the front for as long as I could helping make sure the pace didn't get out of control. I won the first prime again this week - a big back of Oreo's - but was dropped two laps after that. I've got to work on dosing those early efforts.

I decided to do the B race with no real illusions of doing much more than hang on. After the first break I covered back up to the front and blew up. I sat up and just got into a nice cadence for about 5 minutes while they worked on lapping me. Once I got back in to the group a lap down I hung on til the end. Based on how I finished the B race, I'm thinking about doing the D race as a warm up for the C - I think 15 minutes at a relatively high pace would get my heart going enough so that about 10 minutes into the C race I'd be in good shape.

What hurt me - and kept me off of the lead lap - was my Tuesday ride. I did the McDowell mountain loop around through Scottsdale solo in TT mode. More than anything I wanted to go out and do a good solid 2+ hours at a slightly uncomfortable pace to see how my body would handle it.

I also wanted to experiment with fueling. I found an eGel every 30 minutes did it's job great. Works out to a nice 300 calories an hour. It's one thing to eat on the road though, and another thing entirely to eat off road. It's going to be challenging to get that much gel down every lap at Nova next week, but this'll be a good experiment for me.