A weird wake-up...

Sometimes you're asleep, but something from the waking world carries over into the dreamscape you've created for yourself. I awoke to some rhythmic noise that I couldn't place. A quick, albeit hazy check out my window across the street showed a couple of cars and lights in the parking lot. The noise persisted and as I came out of the fog of sleep my mind started trying to make sense of what I was hearing. I moved out onto my balcony to try and figure it what was going on, tempted to call the cops because it was past midnight, when it dawns on me that I'm listening to someone sobbing in what was as close to an uncontrollable manor as I believe I've heard. Somewhere in the incomprehensible, near primal weeping, a moment of lucidity: "Someone, please help..." Two steps later; two steps nearer the phone "... call 911."

As the phone starts ringing on the other end and I return to my balcony perch I see figures start moving across the street to investigate and presumably help. After telling the operator what I've heard she informs me that help is already on the way and within 30 seconds the first sheriff pulls in. Within five minutes no fewer than 5 sheriffs's cars, 1 fire truck, and 1 ambulance have been through the parking lot.

And if that wasn't spooky enough for you, a sparse lightening storm is been moving through the scene randomly illuminating it with flash bulb precision.