Decision made easy

I've spent the evening getting my bike ready for the race, the only problem is that I'll only be taking one. I had hoped to take my 29'er and switch off between the two bikes and see what I thought. After last week where I felt so much more comfortable at a lower cadence, I was really looking forward to this experiment, but it's not going to happen.

At Nova, about 2 1/2 laps into the race my shifting in the rear went, when I got through and inspected the bike I found out that my cable housing had gone south. A brand new one I might add. I never got around to fixing it for the Coyote, so I only took my Spider. Tonight, I cut new housing for it, got it all worked out, then started checking the shifting, it was still gone. On further inspection, it looks like it's just a matter of how the cable housing is routed. I thought I might find some more info on it on Google, but couldn't find anyone else having the same problem. Time for a trip to the GF dealer I guess.

So, looks like the Spider gets to make the trip without company. I hate to leave those new wheels just sitting... If I can't get something reasonably worked out, I guess this means me and the Sugar are going to part ways as I make room for a new 29'er Spider. Only $1,500 more to go in the bike fund and it's mine. The only problem is I want two - a new 29'er and XVP Spider in matching blue. That'd just be awesome. It's just the $3,500 price tag that's not so cool.