Let the could of, would of, should ofs start

Damn it, damn it, damn it. My last lap time by my computer was 1:20 - that was actual ride time. My actual lap time: 1:33. Second places last lap time: 1:41. And how far out of second were we at the end of the day? 7 minutes! Uggh!

Of course, it could also be said that my Spider and my late start cost the race. My first lap racing time was 1:24, so was second's, but I had a three minute late start so my official time was 1:27. My second lap ended up at 1:31 officially (1:30 and change of riding for me), and we were 13 minutes out of second at that point. Assuming I would have put in a time around 1:15 on the 29'er, we would have been in second at that point.

Who knows, I could have hit the wall if I went out too fast on that last lap. Being as spent as I was, I could have gotten sloppy and wrecked or flatted again... but still. Damn it, damn it, damn it.