Riding from the sunset

I live for rides like last night. A little over two hours, over 5,000 feet of climbing, and an awesome sunset. It started around 5 with the intent to hit as many climbs as I could in an hour to an hour and a half, basically until I was cooked... instead of being done, I just kept riding.

Over 1:30 into the ride, I headed out to King's Tree to Palomino to do the last climb of the day. It starts out with a 100 yards of 10%, then settles back into a 2% until you cross Fountain Hills Blvd and it kicks back up to another 3% - 4% for the rest of the climb, another mile and a half or so. As I made it to the top, the sunset was in full bloom. The entire world - at least the part of it I could see - was awash in a firey orange that shifted to a red as a descended back to the appartment - riding from the sunset.

I have got to get me a small camera for riding...

The best part, two hours and thirteen minutes into the ride I still wasn't cooked. Felt like I had climbed 5k, but I wasn't completely done for the day.