Well shit

So I decided to ditch the weekly crit in favor of some climbing tonight. Was going to hit Sunrise, ride up and meet with the guys from the normal Wednesday night ride, head back down the mountain with them, then ride back up one more time and come back down the east slope and head home.

I make it up, late, of course, but that's the way I like it. That way I can set my own pace on the climb and not feel like I should be waiting or trying to keep up. I make it to the top, start heading back down with Dave of Dave's Wheels (who was flying down the mountain) and make it to the parking lot. We're sitting there talking before I head back up for my second climb (yes, I'm a glutton for pain) when Dave points out a nice little crack I've got going on in my frame. Looking it over I realize that there's only maybe a half-inch in the top tube that is keeping it from cracking all the way through.

So, I've got to make it to a Fisher dealer tomorrow and see what I can do. I just spent last week pulling all my lightweight stuff off of the Spider to setup the 29'er for racing and I'm less than a week and a half from my next race! Hopefully, Fisher will warranty it or at least give me some sort of deal on a new frame. Maybe they can hook me up with a deal on a new Supercaliber 29'er frame as a replacement.