Asshole drivers like this...

I should feel sorry for the guy, but I can't help but think he's just an asshole:

Quote from DelRay Hatch:
After declaring Wednesday that cyclists should be taxed to use roads, Oakley City Councilman DelRay Hatch said, "so the ones that don't pay I could run over."

This after Bill Corliss was killed while riding his road bike just over a month ago. That comment is disgraceful, and the ignorance that lead to it is the same ignorance that makes it dangerous to ride a bike in the city. Where there are more people, you're more likely to run into people who think that cyclists don't "pay their fair [share]".

Unfortunately, there is no direct contact information for Mr. Hatch, but there is an email address for general Oakley City contact: If you're the letter writing type, I'd encourage you to shoot 'em an email.