When it rains, that means its monsoon season

I've pissed somebody upstairs off. And I mean in a big kind of way.

So yesterday evening I decided I'm going to finally get that synthetic chain lube off of my road bike and switch to some dry lube. I've been meaning to since I moved here, but I just havne't gotten around to it. So I get the chain cleaned up and go to get the gunk off of the chain rings when the small ring catches on the rag... the finish is peeling off!

I haven't been home today to do much research into what's causing that, but it might mean a new chain ring. No big deal, but annoying just the same. The bike only has 1000 or so miles on it.

So, this morning I pull out old trusty, my bomb proof Bullit that nothing can happen to (the way I ride it anyway). I knew one of the seals was leaking a bit, but no biggie as I just ordered the new enduro seals. It won't hurt it to take it on one more ride...

When I got up to Flagstaff and unload the bike, the leaking fork leg was extended out an extra 3"! No, I didn't just drive 2+ hours to unload my bike, load it back up and drive back home. I fiddle with it a bit and determine that once the axle is in place it'll be held there so it'll be good enough for one ride. Thankfully, it was.

But still, four bike, four issues. All in two and a half weeks! This is crazy; I haven't had this much trouble with bikes in... well, forever. Seriously, I'm thinking one of the bike gods has it in for me. Ew... I know, it's the god of the 26" wheel! He's got it out for me with all my 29'er talk.

I did fall in love today, bad fork and all. The trails in Flagstaff are unbelievable. Anything that has a trail who's nickname is Organ Donor (the official name is Cat Walk), has to be awesome. I don't think I've ever done a 6 mile decent before. But those trails were crying for a 29'er.