Going big this weekend

I had originally planned to do two races this weekend; the AZ state championship in Prescott on Saturday, then the Gallup High Desert Screamer on Sunday. That was until Gallup moved their mountain bike race to Saturday. Gallup is having a big festival this weekend and in addition to the mountain bike race is also having a road race omnium (multiple races for overall points). At first glance, I thought I wasn't going to be able to do the omnium and the mountain bike race, but a closer inspection of the schedule shows the first stage in the road race happening at 7:30 AM and the mountain bike race starting at 10:00 AM. Since the first stage is a street sprint (a 350 meter sprint, basically), it'll be over with plenty of time to make it over to the mountain bike start.

So... to make a long post short, I'm going to be racing 4 races in two days this weekend. Sounds like fun, eh? ;D