Getting a little faster, bit by bit

Went out and rode the Nova Marathon loop this morning and turned in a personal best by a minute. Went from 1:04.22 to 1:03.25. This morning's time was with a heavier hydration back and 3 liters of water instead of 1, plus a mean headwind on some of the faster sections. I guess that means I am getting a bit faster (finally). My goal is to have that under 1 hour by nationals and under 55 minutes by the end of the year. Prior to the Nova race, my previous best was 1:09 and change, so I've already shaved 5 minutes off of my time this year.

I've got to work on my top end speed though. I start daydreaming and let it slip a bit. There were a couple of times out there today that I was thinking, "wait, I can go faster" and kicked it up a notch. Focus, that's what I need to work on. I've got to stay focused to keep that speed up.

On another note, something I didn't mention in my previous Whiskey posts, but there was what seemed like an inordinate number of hot mountain biker chicks racing Saturday. All of the guys I talked to were in agreement. And some strong racers too. The pro from Colorado who won the Women's Open put in a time that would have been 5th in the men! And the winner of the Women's SS passed me on the climb from hell valley at one point until that shamed me into picking up the pace a bit.