Making a conscious effort

I was emailing back and forth this week with a buddy of mine who's done some cycling coaching and is currently a pretty damn fast dude. We were talking about what I'm doing training, and he almost instantly zeroed in on my diet. My current training just needs some little tweaking here and there, but he's suggesting a nearly completely new diet for me.

To start, my breakfast needed some fruits. No problem, throw a banana and an apple or orange or grapefruit in and I'm set. Granted, I don't generally eat most of those, but I'm willing to give it a shot. Next up were salads...

Ugh. I'm not a green leefy eating kind of guy, but... I'm going to give it a shot. So I went to the store the other day and spent about $50 on groceries, nearly all of it fruits and vegatables. I'm approaching the salads from the same point of view that I tell people who say they don't like beer... It's because I haven't found one I like yet.

So now I'm going to start making an effort to reach for an apple or some grapes, or something like that went I need my sugar fix mid-afternoon instead of going for a popsicle. We'll see how it works.

One thing, since I'm not normally a salad type guy I'm not sure what's good. I know I'm big on thick heavy salad dressings, but if you've got some suggestions, post 'em up. I'll try just about anything once (except for fried cucumbers :)) ).