The next eight weeks

Are going to be a blur. The good kind, but I have a feeling I'm going to hit the third week of July and wonder where the time went.

It will culminate with Nationals in Sonoma; which I'll be registering for this week. Other than that there's the marathon in Deer Valley the first week of July, and two NMORS races in June. Couple that in with a lot of training between now and then and my usual vocation, and riding is what I'm going to being focusing on.

Compared to April and May, June is going to be a very light race month. That's actually good because it's going to let me do more rides like I did this morning where it's just time in the saddle. I didn't necessarily plan it this way back in March when I decided to give the NORBA marathons a go, but it worked out this way just the same.