How have I lived 25 years, 4 months, 22 days, and a few hours and...

... have never made spinach pesto before tonight? Granted, there were a couple of years where I lacked the intellitual prowess to do this and it could probably be argued that some were more recent than others, but man that stuff was good. I owe Jason a beer (or eFuel) for suggesting that stuff. Wow!

I googled for spinach pesto to see what kind of proportions I should mix everything up in, read the recipe, then promptly disregarded it. I went with the roll my own attitude that I cook burritos with and just kept mixing things together until it tasted right.

I started off with a little bit of Bertolli's extra light olive oil in the food processor with some spinach - mixed in maybe a cup or cup and a half total (if it wasn't packed) - then added some garlic powder (no fresh garlic at the kitchen, need to fix that), some freshly crushed sea salt, and topped it off with freshly ground parmesan cheese. Mixed it with some organic whole wheat pasta, and wow!

I think I just found another staple of la cucina di Travis.