The Miracle of IHOP: Prologue

Ok, since I insulted the birthday girl, here's the lead up to my IHOP epic.

Saturday night was my friend Megan's birthday party - the quarter century mark. I went having no intention sticking around very late, but at 2 AM, 2/3 of a bottle of cheap Pinot and innumerable glasses of sangria later, I decided to crash on her floor since spinning worlds and driving don't mix. I got the floor, because the couch was taken by Megan's best friend Sarah and she didn't want to share it - funny how an engagement ring will do that to some girls. ;)

A few hours later I woke up, refreshed by what essentially was a nap and headed out to IHOP with everybody for some much needed food. It wasn't quite 6 AM when we got the pancakes (inside joke). Surprisingly, though my head was spinning Saturday night when I went to sleep, I woke up without a hang over. God bless a fast metabolism.

For the conclusion of the story, read this post.

So everybody, wish Megan a happy birthday (it'll help keep me out off of "the list").