A 24 hour solo for fun?

Last night I read Dicky's How to have fun and race solo at the same time about racing a 24 hour solo for the hell of it. Riding around this morning on my recovery ride, it got me thinking. I was going to skip the upcoming Payson Stampede because I would haven't enough time to recover from a full on 12 hour event going into nationals. This morning it dawned on me, why not do it solo for the hell of it?

I wouldn't be out there to kill myself. I'd set limits on how many laps I could ride, etc. I want to do the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo next year and actually try to put up a respectible finish, but this would give me a chance to do a 24 hour race solo so I have a better feel for what I'm up against. Hmm...

Best part of Dicky's article

It took a few laps of quiet introspection to come to a semi-profound realization. I don't have sponsors, my parents already love me, and I don't care what others think of me, so why give a rat's ass what gets posted. I knew my goals and that's all that really mattered in the end.

The only draw back is paying $135 (or $150 if I wait two more days) to go ride. I can do that for free, but then I can't say I've done a 24 hour race then either.