All better now

Man, it's amazing what a couple thousand calories can do for you. Ate a monster lunch today and downed over 3 liters of water so far today. I'm feeling so much better than I did yesterday, or even this morning. I've resigned myself to the crappy finish yesterday - just one of those days. Not the first time, and won't be the last.

Now I'm focused back on what I need to do racing wise - prep for the next race. Watermelon the end of the month followed with one off week from racing, then the 3rd marathon in the national series and the national championships on back to back weeks. It's going to be great. Two national races, back to back, being on the road. Man, I can't hardly think of anything better.

Something else that helped was Off Road to Athens which came today. Man, that was brutal. Watching those guys and gals pushing those gears in the races, knowing the pain they had to be in... Made be cringe. XC doesn't get much press, so having an hour and forty-five minutes devoted to it was great. I wondered if they were going to catch on Filip Meirhaeghe's comment in the Benz. Nice to see they gave him his due in the final credits - when I saw the bumper stick at the end, I knew they busted him.

Anyhow, the movie got me pysched about riding in the morning. Supposed to be another 100+ degree day, so I'll be starting nice and early.