Today's a great day

Man, what a difference 48 hours can make. Sunday, felt horrible on the bike. Today, I felt like superman. I left at 6 AM planning to do some hill intervals, but felt so awesome I decided to get in some distance tempo instead - haven't done many of those recently.

I did my around the mountain loop (47 miles, 3200' of climbing) which includes 9 mile hill: a nine mile 2% - 3% grind that's more mental than physical. It's straight as an arrow for almost the entire 9 miles. The telephone polls literally go to the horizon at the start. Anyhow, my previous best was 2:47. I had my GPS off for about 10 minutes after I stopped to fill the water bottles, plus the break to fill them so I'm not sure what my exact time was, but I started my ride at 6:01 and rolled back in at 8:29. If you figure 10 minutes total that wasn't recorded, we're talking nearly 30 minutes off of my previous best a few months back!

I did everything in my big ring too. Including a 6% grind up Shea back into Fountain Hills, and an 11% (only a hundred yards or so) on Palisades.

After this past weekend's ass stomping that the course gave me, I needed this morning's ride.