Guess what's missing from the smoothie?

I've fixed a few smoothies the last week or two and I kept trying to figure out what it was that they were "missing". I think I put my finger on it: high fructose syrup. There's no straight sugar in them. That's a good thing actually, and it's not that they're turning out bad, they just taste a little different that I excepted because they aren't a mass marketed smoothie.

So far I've done banana-strawberry and peach - both were pretty good. Next up is orange-banana then maybe some orange-grapefruit. Any recommendations are welcome.

To pay homage to my geeky side, I just upgrade my laptop's Ubuntu distro to 6.10. Wow, has Ubuntu got that process down. Started the upgrade manager, clicked upgrade distro, and a half hour and a few prompts later I was done. When I finished up work this evening, I started the process on my desktop, hopefully it'll be go as smoothly.

Today is a rest day, no riding. Did some intervals yesterday, though not as many as I had planned. Tuesday's ride really put it to me. Tomorrow I'll probably go for a spin for an hour or so and to keep my legs loosened up for the weekend. Might be playing up in Flag with who Dave describes as "Albuquerque Strongman", Matt. He'll probably kick me up one side of the mountain and down the other, but it's all good. So long as there's no sand. ;) Follow that up with the possibility of a moonlight ride at MMP and an "expiratory" (some of us should make it through alive) ride in Payson on Sunday, and it's shaping up like it might be a pretty good weekend.

In other random news, I'm at 183,000 (plus Wednesday's ride) vertical feet of climbing. That's 6 Everests and I'm just into June. Sweet. I'll have no problem knocking out the quarter million mark, but now the question becomes can I hit the half million. I won't be able to do the full million this year like I'd hoped, but there's next year. I've put in 1,673 miles. Add in Wednesday's ride and I'm closing in on 1,700. Not too shaby when compared against less the less than 1,500 I put in for the whole of last year.

I'm done rambling... go back to being productive in life. :D