Mountain bike news coverage?

Why doesn't Cycling News have a link to this site? You'd think they would copy and paste the results, but no... you have to go searching for them on your own. They don't have the today's (Sunday's) results up yet, but they have to the I was curious about.

Congrats to David Wilson on his second STXC win of the year. He's kicking ass defending the 30+ expert series title. Stars and stripes are in his future... El Paso was well represented in the women's pro with Shannon Gibson and Jen Wilson (wife of above) placing 18th and 22nd in the XC race. Shannon's been doing awesome considering broke several bones back in January.

Other locals with a good weekend: Dara took 8th despite some technical problems including her rear wheel coming off at one point on her first lap. I'm not sure how someone could mentally recover from that one. I guess it's part of the mental edge that makes her a pro. Nina Baum from Albuquerque took 15th. She erased the two minute start difference on me last week in about 15 minutes (at least I had quit "racing" at that point - or that's what I keep telling myself). Another name I recognized was Jen Tilley from Lawrence, KS (a used to be local to me). I paced myself off of her and another female pro at Psycowpath opener last year.

I wonder how hard it would have been for whoever was covering the Sugar Mtn. race for Cycling News to have someone snap a quick shot of the results sheet and post it to their website? Pay one of the locals $5 a race to shoot photos when the results are posted if it's beneath you... There were over 110 pro racers yesterday, but according to their results only 10 of them mattered. Forget the fact that there's nothing on any of the races below pro.

And people wonder why sponsorships are drying up? If you're not on the point at the pointy end of the field you're not getting any coverage.