First impressions of my new Wingnut

To pull a phrase from Adam, the brown santa came yesterday. I wasn't home, so he visited the office at my apartment complex which was closed by the time I got home last night so, to make a longer sentence longer, I was unable to ride with my new Wingnut Hyper 2.5 this morning, but am going to take it out for its madien voyage manana.

First thought, wow... this thing's huge. It makes my Mule seem scrawny. This is definitely going to work as a replacement for my longer rides, something I was worried about. Now I'm wondering if I should have gone with the Assault for racing though. The only thing that worried me with it was the 1.5 liters. I almost went dry with 70 oz. in Gallup and went dry with 100 oz. in Santa Fe. Fifty something just doesn't seem like enough for me. Now if they made an Assault with larger bladder, that might work.

With any luck, this pack will be my secret (or not so) weapon at the upcoming marathons. On longer rides the normal camelbaks start busting my lower back. These are supposed to be better, so we'll see.