Well my legs feel like shit

Geez... I took yesterday, well sort of. I was going to go for a ride, but wasn't really into the idea. 15 minutes in my rear wheel had that springy feeling of a slow leak. Yup, lost about 70 psi. I know when to read the signs. Popped a cartridge worth of air into it and rode home. So it was essentially a day off.

This morning, I overslept by about an hour. Should have been sign enough for me that today needed to be an off day, but I fixed breakfast and headed out. I was feeling decent and was planning on getting 3 - 4 hours in on the mountain bike. 45 minutes into it I would have hopped in a car and driven home had that been an option. By the time I got off of the trail and I had spent an hour and a half on the bike, and my legs feel like they should fall off.

At least it's happening now, and not in a few weeks.