Man can not live on eGel alone

I got up this morning and couldn't decide what I wanted to eat. After an hour of trying to decide, I opted for the eGel and a ride route. Downed the gel and was determined to give my legs a good beating on the hills.

Started out with my Kingstree to Palamino climb. About 4 miles, normally takes around 16 minutes (now - I started the year at over 17 minutes). There's a ~15% grade toward the bottom of the climb that serves as a wake up. The last time I did that, my heart rate got up to 185'ish, today when I hit it I was pushing 195! I got into a rhythm and was feeling about like I normally do when I'm TT'ing it, and hit both of the time checks (road crossings) in excellent time. Then I got to the final 3/4 of a mile that has a few sections that kick up around 8%... and exploded.

Remember that gel I had? I didn't drink enough water with it so I had a good ol' fashion gel bomb in my stomach. I wanted to vomit. It would have felt better. My pace dropped big time, though I knew I was on pace for a PR based on my second time check, I was done. I pulled the pace down a bit on the steeper stuff and picked up what I could as it leveled out. It hurt. Then I made it to the turn around, hit the lap button. 15:44, 3 seconds off of my PR.

So my legs are playing it coy. They're all "leave us alone, we're dead, we've got no umph", then they pull that out. Nutrition and traffic kept me from a personal record. If I had eaten something more easily digestable for breakfast and didn't have to wait nearly 10 seconds for traffic to clear at the first road crossing, I would have shattered my old PR. Oh, and I just put a new training tire on the rear wheel that's about a quarter pound heavier than the tires I had been using.

Yup - I'm as ready for these upcoming races as I've been all year.