Getting ready to play bike racer for a week and a half

I've got everything in order now to my drive up to Park City tomorrow. I'm heading out for a week and a half of doing the mountain biker thing. I'll still be doing some real work remote, so it won't be all bikes all the time, but I'm still looking forward to it.

The plan is to leave out early tomorrow morning for Park City. I've rented a small studio condo through Sunday. The race is on Thursday (or Wednesday, if you believe the athelete's guide, but the girls at Team Big Bear swear it's on Thursday). Saturday is the expert men's XC in the morning, and the pro women XC later. I'm going to help Big Dave Wilson out with some water hand-offs on Saturday, and he's going to be scrambling around the course on Thursday to get me water. With any luck, there'll be two feed zones that he can drive between so I don't have to carry a full 25 miles worth of water with me each lap.

Sunday I'm cutting out for Petaluma, CA. The race is at the Infinion Speedway which is officially in Sonoma, but the hotels are cheaper in Petaluma and its the same distances from the speedway as Sonoma. The plan is to stay from Sunday to Sunday out there before heading back to AZ.

I can't wait to get on the road, but just the same the hotel bills are going to be bigger than I'd like. I've got to find me some sort of RV or camper or something if I'm going to be traveling a lot next year. Hmm... Maybe a Class C with a motorcycle or something and sell my Volkswagen. Oh well, got time to figure that all out later.

I'm hoping to get in a ride with Adam over the weekend while I'm up in UT. It's always cool to put real people with the blogs.

My legs are feeling good - they're right where I want them to be for this two weeks worth of racing. Now all I've got to do is go out, put in the effort, and hope it's enough for some good results.

I'll have an Internet connection for most of the next two weeks, so I'll try to keep everyone updated here.