What happened to sunny California?

Wow. Mornings north of San Francisco are a little overcast.

I'm in California now and have Internet access that's all mine again instead of having to poach library access. The Utah trip was good, I got in some good mountain biking and road riding while I was there and waking up to mid-50s in the crisp mountain air was great. I could definitely see myself spending the summers somewhere like that.

I recovered pretty good from the marathon and am ready for this next one on Thursday. I'm going to try to go get in some riding on the course today, if it's open. I'm not sure if it'll be open to riding since it's on private property.

I've got a ton of pictures from the women's pro XC race and got a bunch of my buddy Dave Wilson while he bent the Expert 30+ short track field over the table and had his way with them. He nearly lapped the entire field. He's got two more races as an expert - the National XC and Short Track and he's upgrading to semi-pro. Back to the pictures though, I'm going to try to post 'em up today if I get a chance.